enigmalife+ Inspiration Upper Anteriors

enigmalife+ inspiration anteriors are based on exhaustive studies of natural dentition.

Their design includes:

· Natural anatomical shapes and carefully sculpted marginal ridges provide a remarkable true to nature three dimensional appearance.

· Internal layering reproduces the complexity of a natural tooth and provides incredible vitality.

· A beautiful smile is symmetrical around the centre line of the face. enigmalife+ teeth are exact mirror images on each side of the mouth.

· Greater incisal translucency.

· Like natural teeth, enigmalife+ have a natural opalescent look and fluoresce under UV light, so appear vital even under different lighting conditions.

· Simulation of the perikymata on the labial surfaces provides natural reflections.

· Laterals are lighter than centrals. Canines are darker mesially with greater translucency distally.

· The necks of natural teeth are darker and this is also subtly reproduced in enigmalife+ teeth.

· enigmalife+ inspiration anterior teeth have long contacts to reduce the gum visible at the cervical margins.

enigmalife+ inspiration anteriors are supplied in a series of three harmonious and lifelike shapes: IS for square, IT for triangular and IR for rectangular. There is even an extra large mould IR10 for those situations where an extra large but perfectly designed tooth, is required.

3 Harmonious and Lifelike shapes

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