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enigmalife+ Technician's Assortment

enigmalife+ Technicians Assortment - Total Value $1,925.00

Total value of everything in this assortment is $1,925.00.

Included in this assortment is one of every mould of enigmalife+ premium denture teeth in Shade A2

37 Anterior Cards
16 Posterior Cards
Enigmalife + Shade Guide

The enigmalife+ Technician Assortment displays the full range of anterior and posterior teeth along with the shade guide.

The case is a larger version of that used for the chairside assortment and makes the same statement of high quality and a premium brand, displaying the range with maximum impact.

The enigmalife+ Technician Assortment has also proved popular as a "mould selector" on the laboratory workbench, allowing Dental Technician's to pick up and try the tooth moulds against the actual case models before ordering.


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